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Revolutionize Release Management – Pull your LMS out of the past

Release management

As companies move to cloud-based talent management suites and look to capitalize on the new tools and functionalities offered by these suites, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a formal release management process. Often during an implementation, advanced functionalities get pushed aside as organizations work to get live and maintain their critical business processes. However, there are a lot of existing and new features that customers can use to improve and streamline their businesses. It is important to analyze and incorporate these features while ensuring that existing processes are not disrupted by a new release.

There are several key components of a successful release management process:

1.) Comprehensive understanding of your environment and business processes

Understanding how your organization has structured its system and – more importantly – the business process requirements underlying that structure will allow you to identify and test relevant features effectively.

If the team involved in the initial system implementation is still available, this provides an advantage as they will already have deep knowledge of the deployment.